Jupiter Outsole Stitching Machine, Model 325A

Model: JS325A

- Rugged dependability for lower maintenance and parts cost
- Awl feed for more uniform stitching
- Hydraulic presser foot lock for positive shoe control and minimum parts wear
- Easy to operate and adjust
- Completely remanufactured by American to "like-new" operating condition

The Jupiter Outsole Stitching Machine (JS325A), a proven workhorse in the industry, is now available as a completely remanufactured, "like-new", machine. The exceptional value and high-quality of this machine are the result of American & Schoen’s demanding remanufacturing specifications. Each machine is completely disassembled, every part inspected, and all worn parts replaced with new before the machine is reassembled. The result is a very smooth-operating machine that yields high-quality, uniform stitches.

The Jupiter Outsole Stitching Machine is widely used for sole stitching more than 30 irons (16 mm) on a broad range of men’s, women’s and children’s Goodyear welt or stitchdown shoes. Stitching can be aloft or laid in a channel. The fudge knife can be fixed or adjustable. Stitch length can be varied from 14 to the inch (1.8 mm-slightly over 5/64") to 23/4 to the inch (9 mm-slightly under 23/64"). The awl feed ensures completely uniform stitches because the awl advances the shoe the exact distance set for each stitch.

The hydraulic presser foot lock of the Jupiter means that the sole is held securely to the shoe no matter what the thickness of the outsole. Operation of this lock is quick and automatically adjusted to the thickness of the sole so that heavier pressure is applied to thicker outsoles. The presser foot automatically rises for easy removal of the shoe when stitching is completed.

The JS325A has only one treadle for operator convenience and efficiency of operation. It controls presser foot, clutch and automatic brake. No matter how fast the Jupiter is running, when the operator’s foot is lifted from the treadle, the machine automatically slows down to a fixed slow speed before stopping completely in starting position. During the last stitch, the thread is not put into the needle hook to make it easier to take the stitched shoe out of the machine.

To make machine adjustments easier, the cam next to the hand wheel is equipped with an indexed dial. This provides a positive way to set the main shaft at exactly the right position when adjusting the needle guide, changing the awl or needle or making other adjustments. All adjustments are readily accessible and easy to make.

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